Branch and Leaf Pick-Up Schedule 2017

2017 Fall Branch and Leaf pick up Schedule Announced




South of Route 22

        October 2

October 16

November 13

Side of the Mountain

        October 9

October 30

November 20

Top of the Mountain

        October 16

November 6

December 4

The program is for routine maintenance, not for lot clearing.  Excessive piles will not be collected.  Leaves may be bagged or raked to the curb line, but may not be placed in the street.  Grass clippings are not collected.  Branches should be stacked for easy chipping, all facing one direction.  Stickers should be stacked separately.

Guidelines for Branches

Limbs up to 6” in diameter-left whole      

Small branches-bundle with brush 

Sticker bushes in a separate pile                

Do not mix leaves with the branches & brush

Keep debris away from fire hydrants      

Place branches curbside, not in the street 

Township does not collect root balls or stumps

Guidelines for Leaves

Pile leaves curbside for pick-up by the leaf vacuum – Do not place in street

Place bagged leaves curbside – Do not place in street

Bags available from local hardware store or from Town Hall, Monday-Friday 8:30-4:00, while supplies last (limit of 15 per household)